Optifog UV

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Stay fog free

You no longer need to suffer the inconvenience, embarrassment or danger of fogged-up glasses.

Clean your Optifog lenses daily with the Optifog Smart Textile and washing them with water every two weeks. Stay fog free whatever the conditions, and get daily defence against UV to protect the long-term health of your eyes.



Anti-fog molecules applied to both surfaces of the lens are activated by our Optifog activator spray.

So instead of creating a fog, water droplets form a film that’s invisible to the eye. Each spray lasts for up to a week.

Our exclusive anti-reflective technology is also applied to both sides of the lens, protecting your eyes from direct and reflected UV light.


optifog uv, essilor, lenses, beverley



The Varilux S Series range boasts three revolutionary innovations in lens technology:
* Nanoptix™ – The lens structure is engineered to maintain balance as your eyes move around
* SynchronEyes™ – The lenses account for any differences between your eyes to improve your field of vision
* 4D Technology™ – They take into account the fact that one eye might be dominant, providing better reflex vision.

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