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Avoid the discomfort of bright light outdoors, without the need for separate glasses and sunglasses.

Transitions Signature lenses react rapidly to changing light conditions outdoors, and return to clear when you come back inside.

They also prevent long-term eye damage by blocking out harmful UV rays.



Transitions photochromic lenses have created flawless clear vision by combining the strengths of our Varilux Transitions and Crizal products.

That means rapid reaction to changes in outdoor light, leading anti-UV and anti-glare technology, and resistance to smudges, dust and water.

transitions, essilor, beverley

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The Varilux S Series range boasts three revolutionary innovations in lens technology:
* Nanoptix™ – The lens structure is engineered to maintain balance as your eyes move around
* SynchronEyes™ – The lenses account for any differences between your eyes to improve your field of vision
* 4D Technology™ – They take into account the fact that one eye might be dominant, providing better reflex vision.

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