Bespoke ZEISS Lenses



ZEISS Lenses

A visit to Andrew & Rogers Optometrists in Beverley, guarantees you the very best care, advice and choice of eye care products.


At Andrew & Rogers, highly experienced and caring dispensers utilise the very latest in optical technology and product innovation. High-tech measuring systems and accurate diagnostic tests evaluate your ocular health and the various aspects of your vision in every situation imaginable. Your 3D perception – the teamwork of your eyes – is also examined, as comfortable, relaxed vision can only be achieved if the spectacle lenses are fitted to match the shape of your face, the position of your eyes, the inclination of your head and the position of your glasses on your nose.


The i.Terminal measuring system by ZEISS has the ability to measure and fit your spectacle lenses to within 1/10mm accuracy. Precise measurements mean that you can better enjoy the full visual performance of your new spectacles – while experiencing maximum wearing comfort.


With the individualised approach to eye care guaranteed by the latest ZEISS measuring technology, the behavioural, visual and ergonomic data captured, enable our optometrists to discuss the optimal lens design that exactly meets the visual needs of all patients. You can also take your pick from a variety of performance and quality levels, and discuss a wide range of additional treatments if required.


With all of your customised measurements completed, we are ready to transmit your data configuration to the ZEISS lens production facility where your bespoke spectacle lenses will be manufactured. At this point, all of your personal and ergonomic parameters will be integrated into the design and production of your new bespoke ZEISS precision lenses.


We believe that individualised eye care approach is the right and perfect solution for all our patients’ visual needs. With the wearer’s personal measurement data integrated into the spectacle lens design – Andrew & Rogers patients are assured of 100% performance from their bespoke ZEISS precision lenses.




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