Matters of the Heart

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Around the time of valentives day we all start thinking about love, the people we care for and what we can do for them.  Love is itself, a gift.


As optometrists, we care for everybody we see, and at this time of year it is a lovely feeling.  During a consultation we photograph the back of the eye which allows us to advise people on how to care for themselves, not just regarding the best for their sight but more importantly, for their general health, prevention of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, as well as headaches, migraines, reading difficulties and a plethora of other conditions that can spoil peoples lives or health.


So how can an eye examination help prevent heart disease?  Heart disease is often the result of reduced blood supply to the heart caused by hardening of the arteries.  A photo of the retina allows both you and a skilled professional to actually look at your blood vessels in detail.  When the wall of the blood vessel has become harder it appears thicker and whiter on the photograph.  As optometrists we will see many people and we are very good at spotting the abnormally hard arteries, and so can advise people, or inform the GP.  Intervention at this stage will be very beneficial, if changes to lifestyle can be made.


So at this time of year when everyone is thinking about matters of the heart it is also a good idea not to forget other parts of your body.


Andrew & Rogers Optometrists have some special valentines gifts for people buying eyewear this valentines season. So if you would like to book that special someone into Andrew & Rogers optometrists for a routine eye examination, I’m sure it will be seen as an act of love, even if that special someone is you.

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