Stress Tested

Stress is an accepted part of modern life.  We realise we are under stress at times but we usually think we can cope.  Prolonged periods of stress  will affect many parts of the body, and the delicate nature of tissues in the eye mean it is quite susceptible to damage from stress.


At Andrew & Rogers Optometrists in Beverley, we have been including retinal photography in our premium eye examination for nearly 6 years. This is one of the best ways of monitoring stress related changes to the delicate tissues.  Within each appointment we give a dedicated consultation on the healthiness of your eye’s blood vessel system.  Re-taking photographs over time allows us to analyse, to the finest degree, minute changes in blood vessels that can flag up future health problems, often caused by stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or smoking.


I have found people getting very interested in their own eye health because they can see it on the screen.  Without really knowing what they’re asking, people come back the following year highly curious.  It is often the case that whilst I am looking at the screen the client is looking at my face to read if things are gradually getting ‘better or worse’.I have seen a lot of cases lately where the retinal health is gradually improving.  If a client takes measures  to improve their lifestyle and diet, then its not unusual, in fact, to see the blood vessels looking more healthy a year or two later.


A retinal photograph is a very good idea for anyone who is thinking of improving their lifestyle for health reasons.  It is interesting and rewarding and changes to lifestyle can can have far reaching beneficial effects on health.

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