Thin & Light



At Andrew & Rogers Optometrists, we offer the very best lens solutions available for you; which includes ZEISS thin & light lenses.


ZEISS precision lenses made with special hi-index materials are so optimally thin and light that you might forget you’re wearing them.


State-of-the-art technology

Hi-index lenses from ZEISS have the benefit of providing you with unbelievably thin, incredibly light and more cosmetically appealing lenses. They are available in a wide range of lens types to suit a variety of eye care needs; including varifocal, bifocal and single vision lenses.


Improved comfort and cosmetic appearance

ZEISS hi-index plastic lenses are up to 40% thinner than traditional plastic lenses, and up to 65% lighter than traditional glass lenses. The lenses are extremely thin and light, meaning that even with high prescriptions; you can enjoy the benefits of these cosmetically attractive lenses.


We offer ZEISS hi-index lenses because they are exceptionally thin & stylish, providing enhanced cosmetics, due to higher refractive index materials. They are comfortable and natural to wear due to the lightweight materials used in production.


To guarantee optimum transparency and minimal irritating reflections, we always recommend a quality ZEISS anti-reflection coating on your lenses.


For more information on Bespoke ZEISS lenses click: BESPOKE

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