Dry Eyes Management


Here at Andrew & Rogers we specialise in treating, diagnosing and managing of Dry Eye’s. We offer the best solutions out there for helping with dry eyes with a range of products from Moorfield’s Pharmaceuticals.


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There are two main reasons for the occurrence of dry eye syndrome:

First when the eyes can’t make enough tears, sometimes called aqueous deficient dry eye. There are many causes of this, one of the most common is simply the natural ageing process.
The Lacrimal glands are involved in production of the aqueous (watery) component of the tear film.

Second is when the tears evaporate too quickly from the eye surface. The most common cause of excessive tear evaporation is blockage and dysfunction of the Meibomian oil glands (MGD). The Meibomian glands are responsible for producing a lipid layer (oily film) over the surface of our tears. MGD may also be associated with inflammation of the eyelid margin when the condition is termed Posterior Blepharitis.



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