Moorfields Emustil™ is an ophthalmic emulsion which lubricates and hydrates the ocular surface relieving symptoms of dryness and general ocular discomfort resulting from increased evaporation of tears from the eye.

Emustil™ is a milky white ophthalmic emulsion consisting of an aqueous component and a mixture of natural lipids, which have lubricating and hydrating properties for the eye surface.


Emulsion works better than the ‘‘regular’’ aqueous-type artificial tears by modifying the lipid layer and producing a greater change in evaporation. It is designed to supplement the lipid layer, thus improving the stability of the tear layer and decreasing the evaporative loss of fluid from the tear film. Emustil contains both nonpolar and polar lipids in a 2/3:1 ratio, which is very similar to that of natural meibum. (McCann et al, 2012)


Following its application in the conjunctival sac, Emustil™ becomes integrated with the tear film forming a protective barrier which increases tear film stability and reduces evaporation of the tear film from the ocular surface.

Emustil™ is preservative free, which means it is less likely to cause additional irritation and can be used by those who are sensitive to the preservatives in other kinds of eye drops.


The Key features of Emustil™ are:

  • Reduces tear evaporation

  • Completely preservative-free (unlike Systane Balance or Optive Plus)

  • Suitable for all contact lens wearers

  • Convenient single-dose units for people on the go


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