Lubristil Gel


Lubristil® Gel gives relief to the symptoms of ocular dryness of different origin. Lubristil® Gel is also indicated for the medication of wounds and abrasions of the ocular surface caused by traumatic events and following surgery or associated with lachrymal tear film alterations.

Lubristil® Gel contains two natural polymers, sodium hyaluronate and xanthan gum. After instillation in the conjunctival sac, Lubristil® Gel mixes with tears and forms a lubricating, viscous and transparent layer which, reducing friction due to eye movements and blinking, alleviates the symptoms of ocular dryness due to environmental and climatic conditions such as pollen, dust, glare, pollution and computer monitor use.


In the same way, the product grants protection to the ocular surface during the healing process following wounds or abrasions. The absence of preservative makes the product better tolerated.

Moorfields Pharmaceuticals also recommend using Lubristil Gel in conjunction with Lubristil Eye Drops, with the Gel being used more at night. Lubristil® Gel carries a CE product mark and is classified as a medical device in the UK.


The Key features of Lubristil® Gel are:

  • Moderate to Severe treatment for dry and irritated eyes

  • Preservative-free

  • Unique Xanthan Gum ingredient

  • Convenient single-dose units for people on the go


Lubristil Gel


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