Lubristil® is a Sodium Hyaluronate eye lubricant, which is considered the new gold standard in the management of dry eye conditions.

For moderate to severe dry eyes, sodium hyaluronate is the ingredient of choice. It is a naturally occurring lubricant, found in our eyes and joints.


Lubristil® eye drops are useful for the lubrication and hydration of the eye surface. Lubristil® is indicated for use in all cases of eye discomfort, in particular to help relieve irritation or dryness due to poor quality or amount of tears (lachrymal film) caused by environmental factors such as dust, glare, pollen, air pollution and use of computer monitors. Lubristil® will also protect the eye surface during the healing processes following abrasions.


Sodium Hyaluronate is a pure natural polymer which is already present in structures of the human eye. Its ‘viscoelastic’ properties mean it can easily be applied to the surface of the eye to provide a stable coating with lubricating and hydrating properties. This makes it suitable to treat any level of dry eye conditions which are characterised by impaired tear production.

An additional benefit of Lubristil® Sodium Hyaluronate is its low resistance when blinking, so it offers enhanced comfort when the drops are instilled. It has also been shown to offer relief from ocular discomfort for a longer period of time than other treatments. 1

Because Lubristil® is preservative-free it is particularly suitable to patients who have become sensitive to the preservatives in eye drops or regular use of contact lenses. Lubristil® is suitable for all contact lens wearers.


The Key features of Lubristil® lubricating eye drops are:

  • Immediate and lasting relief for all levels of dry eye

  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

  • Preservative free

  • Convenient single-dose units for people on the go




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