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High-quality sports eyewear protects the eyes and ensures first-class vision. For sports enthusiasts who rely on corrective lenses, adidas eyewear’s RXO™ concept offers a range of options for optical correction. RXO™ stands for RX OPTOLOGY. The concept is perfectly tailored to individual needs and different sports. As well as direct glazing, the athlete has the option of adapter glazing or a Performance Insert™, ensuring optimal performance through optimal vision.


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performance insert™


Most of the adidas eyewear sports performance range is designed to be able to quickly integrate an optical insert. The optical insert can be easily secured on the bridge behind the filters in a very stable way. Due to this positioning, the rimless insert is virtually invisible. It can even be ground to a particular shape to meet specific customer needs. The performance insert™ is available with or without rims.


direct inframe glazing


Several of the adidas eyewear models offer the possibility of direct inframe glazing, even some of the wide vision 10base frames. This RXO™ solution enables an individual adjustment for perfect vision – in sport and everyday life.

Direct glazing is when opticians fit optically corrected lenses directly into the frame. adidas eyewear’s new RXO Freeform glazing integrates a first filter that combines optical correction with the light-stabilizing benefits of LST™ filter technology. The large glazing range extends from around -4.0 dpt to +4.0 dpt.


optical adapter


The optical adapter is an option for sight correction that allows optically corrected filters to be simply clipped in and out of the frame after your optician has completed the fine adjustments. They can easily be replaced with filters without optical correction. The RX optical adapter is also available as nylor glazing.

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