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The ZEISS office lens portfolio with Maximum Intermediate Distance (M.I.D.) technology. People spend a lot of their time in enclosed areas such as when they work in an office or are doing things at home. For these everyday very near to intermediate situations not every lens allows relaxed and clear vision. Unsuitable lenses can constrain our vision and can cause symptoms such as tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, neck and back pain.
The office lens portfolio by ZEISS. The solution for relaxed and clear vision from near to intermediate distance is available in three different price* and design levels.


the office lens portfolio by ZEISS

ZEISS office lens portfolio ZEISS officelens
ZEISS officelens
ZEISS officelens
Optimum visual performance
Consideration of all relevant individual data.
Perfect fit in the chosen frame
Available with variable corridor length.
Better spatial perception and contrast vision
Binocular balance of progressive zones.
Thin & lightweight lenses
ZEISS variable thinning optimisation algorithms.
High visual performance
Advanced freeform technology & the distinctive ZEISS Design DNA.

Three working areas in clear view

The office lenses by ZEISS

The custom-made solution gives wearers crisp, clear vision of the three working area distances, according to the individual wearer needs:
1. reading
2. workplace
3. room distance
Effects on posture

  • Wearers hold their head and neck in a natural posture
  • Complete comfort all day long


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