ZEISS Progressive lenses


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ZEISS provides a broad spectrum of progressive lenses for better vision.

Whatever our eyes need in today’s world – ZEISS provides the right progressive lenses solution.

The world is undergoing a process of rapid change and our vision needs are changing accordingly. However, our eyes do not evolve so quickly. With the new ZEISS Progressive Lenses portfolio, we actively respond to the different trends and arising consumer needs – in order to provide better vision.

Benefits of ZEISS progressive lenses:

  • Balanced and natural vision thanks to the distinctive ZEISS design DNA in all ZEISS progressive lenses.
  • Access to leading edge technology: hardest-ever ZEISS coating DuraVision® Platinum, self-tintingPhotoFusion® lenses and better night vision with i.Scription® technology.
  • Better vision and increased product choice from: conventional to maximally individualised-serve all wearer needs.


ZEISS progressive portfolio ZEISS
Plus 2
Individual 2
Optimum visual performance
Consideration of all relevant individual data.
Perfect fit into the chosen frame
Adaptation of the variable corridor length.
Better spatial perception and contrast vision
Binocular balance of progressive
Thin & lightweight lenses
ZEISS variable thinning optimisation algorithms
High visual performance
Advanced freeform technology & the distinctive ZEISS Design DNA
Better night vision
Available with i.Scription®technology.


How the lenses are made: Production

About the lenses: Progressives

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