Precision tinting for dyslexia & migraine relief


Dyslexia is a common problem and one in 30 people will suffer with it, causing reading difficulty.  Here at Andrew & Rogers Optometrists we can help.  Cerium tinted lenses have been shown to increase reading speed and accuracy, making reading more pleasurable and significantly less stressful, particularly in people suffering from dyslexia.

Have a look at our page, Dyslexia test, to see what is involved in getting a tailor designed tint to help with your difficulty.

We have good news for migraine sufferers! Read our latest article for more information: Migraine article

The Mark II colorimeter is the latest and most accurate way of assessing the exact colour for the tint that will create the easiest visual environment, allowing the most pleasurable reading for dyslexic sufferers.

The colorimeter can create thousands of different coloured environments.  Our Optometrists, Andrew Scott BSc(Hons) D.Opt & Roger Smyth BSc(Hons) D.Opt have over 20 years experience of helping people achieve the very best vision.  The results are often remarkable.  Speed and accuracy results often show increases of over 40%!


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For further information on the lenses used for the dyslexia glasses visit: CERIUM

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