Beauty is in the Eye

It was during a clinic at university that a professor first pointed out to me that it was possible to tell if someone is long sighted or short sighted just by looking at the direction of wrinkles on their face.  After 20 years of practice in hospitals, laser clinics and my 2 practices, I can confirm it is.


When the vision in 1 or both eyes is blurred, the brain will go to extreme lengths to improve the view.  Myopia (short sightedness) means, in Greek “enclosed eyes”; short sighted people ‘squint’ their eyes, which does usually reduce the blurring of their vision.  However, the consequence leaves vertical frown lines or a furrowed brow and more pronounced crows feet.  Uncomfortable levels of long sightedness (hyperopia) forces the eyes to stare wide to keep the vision in focus.  This creates horizontal lines on the forehead.  Pulling the head away from things that are too close for comfort, will also emphasize any ‘double chin’.


Most well known, however, is the effect of UV light on skin ageing.  UV, or ultra violet light, is high energy light, that can damage cell DNA in the skin as well as the retina and lens in the eye, accelerating cataracts and age related macular degeneration.  High quality eyewear that includes UV protection filters is not just the reserve of designer sunglasses.  High quality clear spectacle lenses can include UV protection, as does transition or photofusion photochromic lenses.  Most surprisingly however, there are a few contact lenses that offer very high levels of UV protection.  Acuvue make a particularly good contact lens for UV protection, and with it’s extremely high oxygen transmission properties it could be safer to wear contact lenses than not.  With the high definition it can bring to your vision, it will make eye strain a thing of the past and wrinkles a thing of the future.


So no health and beauty regime is complete without regular visits to a good optometrist.  Your eyes are a vital part of your body as well as the most important part of your appearance. Wear stunning glasses or high quality contact lenses, you will look more beautiful, and stay more beautiful.

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