Children’s Eyewear

Children’s Eyewear

Like many, I became short sighted at school. Without realising it I started missing the ball in sports, and the words off the board.  I found lessons pointless and I hadn’t been selected for the england cricket team!  I wasn’t very good at cricket but I was generally very good in class so it was a blessing that, in the end, I got my vision corrected.  Eye problems, may be very mild, but can have a significant impact on school or university life.


As an optometrist, I see lots of children and students.  Long or short sightedness, astigmatism, lazy eyes(amblyopia) and imbalance between the eyes are very common and easily helped with glasses or contact lenses, even if just for lessons or computers.  Leaving eyes to strain at a young age has now been proven to worsen short sightedness(myopia) and lazy eyes(amblyopia) so it’s very wise to help them.


At Andrew & Rogers Optometrists in Beverley, we like to see children at the age of 3 for their first test.  We keep it easy and it’s a lot of fun for them at this age.  It gets them familiar with us and we can get a very accurate measure of how the eyes are, and how we want to care for their eyes over the following years as they grow.  We have designed a children’s showroom and packed it with, what we consider to be, coolest eyewear for kids.  Ted Baker & RayBan are the most popular.


Glasses are as fashionable as they have ever been, and we have to disappoint quite a few nowadays by telling them that their eyes are ‘too good’ for glasses.  Contact lenses are a viable, even preferable option for a number of children’s eye problems, and I am happy to fit children with contact lenses at any age if they will benefit enough.  Well educated children and daily disposable contact lenses can make a very low risk combination. My daughter started wearing contact lenses at the age of 8, although I can’t get her out of her funky RayBans now.

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