Tried and Tested: Guinot Slim Logic at L’etage Beauty

We took a trip to L’etage Beauty, located above our practice at 15 North Bar Within in Beverley, to try out a brand new treatment and give our verdict of the experience.

The Slim Logic Salon Treatment is the first step in a new revolutionary anti-cellulite and slimming programme designed by Guinot.


“The strains of day-to-day life can soon become too much and that's where L'etage Beauty comes in.” - Carrie (Salon Manager)

Upon entering the salon, accessed through Andrew & Rogers Optometrists, I was invited into the beautiful and cosy treatment room to get myself ready to begin the treatment. The first part of the treatment includes an exfoliator, containing Papaya and AHA, which gently removes dead skin cells and helps to promote the absorption of the slimming active ingredients. The exfoliator also includes ginger and caffeine which stimulates the draining and the reduction of fluid, as well as helping to burn fat.

Carrie then used a combination of massage techniques using a special cream that contains a high concentration of caffeine, to mobilise fat and break down fat deposits. The massage focuses on the thighs, stomach, and lower back, the typical problem areas for most people wanting to tone up.

guinot slim logic salon treatment

“Reduces the appearance of ‘orange peel’, leaving skin visibly firmer and more radiant.” - Guinot.

The next step was to apply the fluid-reducing body wrap on my thighs and stomach. The wrap, which consists of alginate and caffeine, felt nice and warm when applied. It was left on to dry for around 20 minutes, during which time I was able to relax and listen to music, or you have the option of having another treatment. Once the 20 minutes was over, Carrie peeled the mask off, and I was surprised at how easy and mess free it was. The cellulite-busting Slim Logic cream was then applied to all of the targeted areas to finish off the treatment.

After the treatment, Carrie went through the aftercare information with me, as the treatment is the first step in the programme, and to maximise its effectiveness, it is reinforced by two skincare products. These products are the Slim Logic Cream and the Slim Logic Capsules, which work together to accelerate the breakdown of fat, reduce excess fluid, and eliminate toxins.


“I was left feeling more radiant and refreshed after just one session of the Slim Logic with Carrie.” - Molly (Andrew & Rogers)

The results of both the treatment and the products is firmer skin, reduced cellulite, and a redefined silhouette. The “orange peel” appearance of skin is also reduced, with skin looking visibly firmer and softer. On average, clients have seen a decrease of 1.8cm in waist, and 1.6cm in thigh circumference.

It takes a course of up to 6 treatments to really reap the benefits, but I could definitely notice that my skin was looking more radiant and feeling firm and refreshed after just one session with Carrie. The great thing about this programme is that it can be personalised to suit your schedule and budget. You could book a course of treatments, or just try it once before your summer holiday to get yourself feeling a bit more toned and redefined.

For more information about the Slim Logic Salon Treatment, or other treatments offered by L’etage Beauty, then please visit ,call the salon on 01482 679630, or contact through the social media links below.