Lenses by Essilor

Varilux Varifocals

Varilux Varifocal corrective lenses allow you to see near, far, and intermediate distances with ease.

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Varilux X Series is Essilor’s best universal varifocal lens.

The X Series dramatically reduces the need for unnecessary head movements, meaning you no longer have to struggle to find the sweet spot of the lenses to see clearly. With these lenses, you can see through any part of the lenses and experience enhanced vision.

The X Series is a result of three breakthrough technologies, the Xtend technology which reduces the need of head movements, the Nanoptix technology which reduces image distortions, and synchroneyes technology which creates a seamless image edge to edge.


“Up to 91% of wearers highly satisfied with vision quality at all distances.” - Essilor.


Varilux Physio - Lenses for Active Wearers

Varilux Physio Lenses have been optimised to work together, so that images merge perfectly, resulting in high resolution vision. Physio lenses are designed to maintain incredible visual details, even when your on the move, making them perfect for active wearers.

With perfectly seamless transitions between near and far vision zones and seamless transitions, Varilux Physio Lenses are the perfect choice for you if you need easy to wear varifocals that keep up with your active and busy lifestyle.


Varilux Road Pilot

Enhance your visual comfort for safer driving on the road.

Varilux Road Pilot Lenses are optimised for driving, with enhanced distance and intermediate fields of vision. With Road Pilot, you will wider field of vision and increased comfort. You will also be able to spot vital information in your peripheral vision, creating a safer driving experience.


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