The Andrew & Rogers Eye Examination

Consultation / eye examination with OCT

A fully comprehensive eye examination including full 8 scan retinal OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and photography.  You will get the perfect prescription for all of you glasses needs, and the most confident, qualified opinion on the health of your eyes.


Contact Lenses

We aim to prescribe precision contact lenses

Contact lenses are sometimes simple, but sometimes quite complicated. We estimate that 80% of people wearing lenses could see and/or feel better with a more tailored product. A consultation with Andrew will soon discover how much better you could see. Both Andrew & Roger have been shortlisted for the coveted national award of contact lens practitioner of the year; you’ll be in safe hands.

We can even make contact lenses with dyslexia tints, photochromic materials that react to the sun, and over a billion different powers!


Dyslexia & Migraine

Tests related to dyslexia and photosensitive migraines

If you suffer from headaches, eyestrain and words jumbling on the page, then contact Andrew & Rogers Optometrists. We offer a specialised service which is designed to relieve visual stress, a problem that can often, but not exclusively, accompany Dyslexia. Symptoms include the apparent moving of printed words on a page, flipping of letters, rivers of interference running through paragraphs, and general discomfort when reading. We test for visual stress with an instrument called the Intuitive Colorimeter, developed by Professors Arnold Wilkins and Bruce Evans in association with the Medical Research Council. From the results, we can prescribe precision tinted lenses, either as spectacles or contact lenses.



Revolutionary blepharitis diagnosis and treatment

Our optometrists will diagnose the type of blepharitis that you have – this is crucial, as the treatment for each type is different. The procedure involves running a spinning medical grade sponge impregnated with a specialised cleaning agent along the eye lid margins, cleaning scurf, debris and bacteria from the eye lids and lashes. This treatment is often the only way to remove this “plaque”, which acts as a home for bacteria. Patients feel the lids are refreshed following the procedure, and often report that the symptoms that they have been experiencing of discomfort, grittiness and stinging are immediately improved.


Dry Eye or ‘Gritty’ eye

Specialist treatment for dry or watery eyes

Our dry eye treatments can make your eyes more comfortable and stabilise your vision. Firstly, we diagnose the cause of your tear film problems, which can be due to a number of factors. We will then prescribe drops which will vary depending on what we find in our specialist examination. The tests are painless and usually involve instilling gentle dyes into your tear film by means of small piece of sterile filter paper. 


Myopia Control

Supporting short sightedness

Short-sightedness, also known as myopia, (meaning that your distance vision is blurred, but near vision is clear) often worsens significantly between 7 and 18 years of age. Recent research has demonstrated that this worsening can be stopped, or at least slowed down, by a revolutionary new type of soft, daily disposable contact lens. It works by altering the way your eyes see in the periphery or side of your vision. Andrew & Rogers Optometrists are one of only a handful of optometrists selected in the UK to prescribe this lens as it is gradually released to specialist contact lens practices throughout Britain.


Zeiss Humphrey

We diagnose eye conditions early with our Zeiss Humphrey Analyzer

We utilise the latest eye testing technology, the Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyser. This powerful machine detects tiny changes in your peripheral vision years before they become apparent to you. This helps our optometrists to diagnose eye conditions very early, avoiding irreversible damage to your vision. The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser is the gold standard for glaucoma detection and is used in eye hospitals all over the World. If you have been asked by a doctor to have this important test performed, please contact our helpful staff and they will be delighted to book an appointment for you.


Emergency Eye Care

NHS eye examination

We specialise in emergency eye care appointments, provided free on the NHS for patients registered with a GP in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Our optometrists will endeavour to see you on the day you contact us, or failing that within 48 hours, avoiding a lengthy wait to see your GP. If you need to see a doctor for treatment, we will offer to arrange that for you, and we will often contact the Eye Hospital in Hull on your behalf, with a referral letter if required. Andrew & Rogers Optometrists are one of the only practices in the East Riding of Yorkshire to offer Independent Prescribing services, meaning that we can prescribe any licensed medicine for the eye within our wide range of competencies. This will often mean that you will not require an appointment with a General Practitioner for a medical prescription for your eyes.


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