Lenses by Essilor

Xperio Polarized Lenses

A Colourful Difference

Combine your corrective lens with Xperio Polarized to experience safer vision whilst looking great. These lenses eliminate harsh, blinding glare whilst providing a dynamic range of visual experience, achieved by improving colour perception and stopping dazzling light travelling through your lens.

Lens solutions combined with Xperio Polarised technology allow only vertical light through the lens and therefore eliminate blinding glare for optimal visual comfort.

essior xperio polarized

Eliminates Blinding Glare

Xperio Polarised lenses improve driving by eliminating glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars.

The technology used within these lenses makes them perfect for anyone with sensitive eyes or for elderly people who have had ocular surgery,as they offer the highest level of UV protection.

Your visual experience can also be enhanced when playing water and winter sports as reflected sun g;are is reduced from surfaces such as water, snow, and ice.


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