Today's Real Life Case: A Fabu-lash Afternoon Clinic

Today’s afternoon clinic was all about eyelashes! Our most notable case of the day involved a patient who came in to see us about a very uncomfortable left eye.

An examination using a microscope quickly revealed several abnormal eyelashes growing the wrong way and scratching the sensitive cornea. Left untreated, this condition, which is known as distichiasis, causes quite severe corneal scarring. These lashes are often almost impossible to see without a microscope. Treatment for distichiasis involves removing the offending lashes and is usually a very straightforward and simple procedure.

lash blog image.jpg

If you are experiencing any discomfort in your eyes, please do not hesitate to call our team for advice and book in for an appointment online or by calling 01482 860362. The elderly are usually the most frequent sufferers, so we also recommend checking in on your elderly relatives regularly to ensure that they do not suffer in silence.

P.S. Whilst we're on the topic of lashes, check out L'etage Beauty at, located on the first floor of our building, for all your eyelash needs!