Our Blephex Treatment: Before and After

Do you suffer from watery, red, and swollen eyes? Do your eyelids appear greasy or your eyelashes crust in the morning? Our revolutionary Blephex treatment can help to eliminate these nasty symptoms, as well as to improve the overall health of your eyelids.

Debris can build up on your eyelids over time, allowing bacteria to thrive and blocking your glands , causing these symptoms. During our Blephex treatment, a soft sponge is moved across the the eyelids to remove this debris and bacteria and to prevent your glands from becoming blocked.

This is vital as these glands produce oils that are essential to keep the surface of your eye well lubricated with tears, which is important in order to keep you comfortable, your vision clear, and your eyes healthy.


These before and after photos show just how much of a difference this treatment can make.

You can find out more information about the treatment here.

Before our Blephex Treatment

After our Blephex Treatment

Before our Blephex Treatment

After Our Blephex Treatment


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